Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kerala Calling : Padmanabhapuram Palace

Gods Own Country is a major tourist place in the world history.

Years back I have been to Padmanabhapuram palace because of my interest for experiencing ancient construction. But it was little difficult to understand the  plans , elevations and sections of the building :-). 

Padmanabhapuram temple is located in the region of ancient Travancore(Trivandrum), extended from Marthandom ( Tamil Nadu State). Thid is a piece of one of the ancient wonders  built  with wood (timber in abundance) and stones.

The roof structure is constructed in timber, covered with clay tiles. 

Stone arts

Navarathri Mandapam

King lamp: The sculpture of the horse, hung on a chain, stand still in every direction you want to turn it – unlike common oil lamps, that twist and turn 
on their chains. 

                             An old chair placed in the sit out

Paintings in the  palace would  make us  admire the talent behind the creations.


Ottupura where food is offered to guests – when the rulers felt happy enough. This dining hall which could accommodate 2000+ people at a given time.

The wood carvings on the roof and beams emphasize the craftsmanship.

long corridors
 jaali works

The king held discussions with his ministers and took important decisions at this place,called Mantrashala.

 A kilivathil is a tiny window, the shutters of which are  beautifully decorated.

Sloped tiled roofs,  jaali works, long mysterious corridors, courtyards, amazing woodwork, play of light and shadow,  comfortable interior spaces, arts, painting  etc, are timeless architectural marvels portraying our rich tradition.

A trip to this palace is truly going to be a rewarding experience. After my trip I  carried home a bunch of memories to be cherished!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bronze House : Kumbakonam

I love brass bronze antique artifacts.

I got an opportunity to drop in to a bronze factory during my way back from Swamimalai,Tamilnadu and would like to share my experience.

It is a very old shop which follows traditional way of making bronze articles through WAX hereditary process. Surprisingly they are completely hand made. They are manufactures of all types of bronze icons according to Silpa Shastra for temples.

Filled with traditional unique bronze ,copper and panchaloha statues 

Craftsman  explained the entire process of making wax and the final touch to statues.

All the pieces are made separately

A 12 feet tall Lord Vishnu is getting ready for export.


Real effort to put forward the best of Indian Arts and culture in this fascinating world and an attempt to bring above the handicrafts of Tamilnadu.

If you are a passionate collector or have great interest to know about the manufacturing of bronze sculptures,you can meet Mr.Suresh,the owner of Rajan Industries, he is reachable at # 9443664810.

Do visit this place and pick up some handcrafted additions for your home. The shop is  approx 1 km from INDeco Sterling resort, Swamimalai.

( Images by Veena and are copyrighted)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Udaivilas hotel,Udaipur

Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur was our second destination after experiencing the beautiful Rajvilas in Jaipur. We had visited with our 6 month old son.

Among the numerous lakes, Lake Pichola is an artificial city fresh water lake and right at the banks of this lake is the grand Udaivilas. It provides a spectacular view across the sparkling lake and gardens. With wonderfully landscaped exteriors and elegant luxurious interiors Udaivilas is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. No wonder why it has been ranked the #1 resort in Asia and world's best hotel in a recent traveler's survey. 

The hotel was design to incorporate traditional regal designs including grand courtyards,bubbling fountains,reflection pools and hand carved stone columns.

        Dinner along with some folk music happens here every night

                                         One fine November morning

Thats a cozy corner inside the room

Standard Room

Wall art “Indian Miniature Paintings"

Indian Women from all state in one frame

Eagle view of the hotel.This picture has taken from hotel magazine

Oberoi Udaivilas is undoubtedly the place to relax in splendid surroundings, luxurious interiors, and pampered and treated like a Royal guest right from the time we step into the property.

Udaivilas is so crazy beautiful.Truly ones n a lifetime experience.

( Images by Veena and are copyrighted)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Embassy in Shimla stands out for its view, ambiance and taste.This place speaks out for itself with the touch and taste. Restaurant is traditionally built and kept the original architecture of this region. 

The wood work is amazing and the panaromic view of Shimla is just unbeatable.

It's a small place, clinging to the side of the mountain with the most fabulous views over the city, the kindest and most insightful.
Is this  Unique?? "Pranaam" and Warning for "No Mobile"

It has kept  a brilliant timber window outlook that makes the atmosphere unique.

The Interiors of the place is pasted with paperers sharing stories with pro founded lovely life messages on them, written by the owner himself.

One of the board signed by Harivansh Rai bachchan 

 Cutlet and brownie  were lovely with a home made taste. They serve super yummy cakes.The cakes are from heaven.

 Meet the Owner Mr.Anil Malhotra ,is quite charming person who shared stories about the place,interior,decor etc.He has done all interesting quotations from all sorts of literature quotes,extracrs,books, decorated by himself in a creative way in all over every bit of wall space. 

  Mr.Anil Malhotra # 0177-2656867

( Images by Veena and are copyrighted)